The world’s greatest improvised rock ‘n’ roll comedy duo…in the world!

“David and Ken: the worlds greatest improvised rock & roll comedy duo … in the world!”, is a one of a kind improvised comedy show and rock concert. It’s real stories, ridiculous characters and hilarious, spontaneous songs smothered with world class guitar playing.

It’s Whose Line is it Anyway meets Tenacious D, Bo Burnam, Marc Rebillet and Flight of the Conchords!

It’s great music inspired by all of your favourites including Oasis, Radiohead, Jack White and Pink Floyd with musical styles from Jazz to Reggae to Metal…and yes, even Country. David and Ken; two insanely talented musical comedians who can’t wait to make you laugh, sing along and rock out to your new favourite songs!

David Milchard and Ken Lawson are award-winning improvisers, musicians, and actors. This playful, comedy-adventure is inspired by audience suggestions and will leave you feeling joyful and connected!

Fans of and inspired by Reggie Watts, Flight of the Conchords, Marc Rebillet, Bo Burnham, Tenacious D & the Smothers Brothers they have been fortunate enough to also perform many times with their improv heroes Colin Mochrie and Ryan Styles.

David Milchard and Ken Lawson are award winning improvisers, musicians and actors who love making up songs based on your suggestions!

David and Ken are:

  • Members of the Internationally Acclaimed The Comic Strippers
  • Canadian Comedy Award Winners
  • Canadian Comedy Award Multi-Nominees
  • Streamy Award Winners and Nominees
  • The Second City and Vancouver TheatreSports Alumni

You may have seen them in these TV Shows & Movies:

Altered Carbon, Supernatural, Flash, Hater’s Back Off, Nancy Drew, YouTube’s Convos With My 2-Year-Old (125+ million views), LouderMilk, iZombie, Adventures In Babysitting, Psych, Fringe, Sanctuary, Smallville, Arrow, Tim Burton’s Big Eyes, Robert Redford’s The Company You Keep, Netflix’ The Package


“Was an absolute blast!! 13/10 would go see these guys again!! “
– AF

“The best thing we did in Vancouver!! Belly laughs all the way- thank you for a great evening out, really worth the money and such a good show. Travelling from the UK and wish they would come do some sets in England!!”
– CH

“Excellent, hilarious show! David and Ken are awesome comedians and surprisingly great musicians as well.”
– DW

“Spectacular show with SO MUCH FUN! Both David and Ken are so talented and hilarious. Will not disappoint, guaranteed! They’re both fantastic on the guitar, and a total hoot with their improv. Our 2nd time going back AND we plan to watch them again.”
– JL

Here Are Some Logos to Impress You:



Stay tuned for new weekly shows TBA in Vancouver!

1) Our past weekly, flagship show that we successfully ran for 14 months

2) Our late night, jazz themed weekly show that we successfully ran for 12 months


Book us: info@davidandken.com

View some of our show formats


A song we wrote to thank the heroes of the pandemic.
Share this with anyone who wants to tell Covid to eff off.

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Everything is improvised based on audience suggestions!

A complicated song like Hotel California

Rebecca! Don’t call Her Becca! A requested hard rock song

Dumplings of Fury, as sung by John Travolta

Surprise me, Terrorize me!

James vs Jim; An improvised story

Rotten Pork; a tale followed by a tune

Groins and guitars; Sweet guitar solo!

Dance Party! (improvised song)

Ken’s mic cable troubles

the origins of “philanthropist”

a peak inside our heads

Soft Bones (improvised song)

Thank You (youtube version)