We have 3 customizable formats to compliment every special occasion, theatre season or corporate event.


David & Ken:
The world’s greatest improvised rock ‘n’ roll comedy duo…in the world!

“David and Ken: the worlds greatest improvised rock & roll comedy duo … in the world!”, is a one of a kind improvised comedy show and rock concert. It’s real stories, ridiculous characters and hilarious, spontaneous songs smothered with world class guitar playing.

It’s Whose Line is it Anyway meets Tenacious D, Bo Burnam, Marc Rebillet and Flight of the Conchords!

It’s great music inspired by all of your favourites including Oasis, Radiohead, Jack White and Pink Floyd with musical styles from Jazz to Reggae to Metal…and yes, even Country. David and Ken; two insanely talented musical comedians who can’t wait to make you laugh, sing along and rock out to your new favourite songs!

David Milchard and Ken Lawson are award-winning improvisers, musicians, and actors. This playful, comedy-adventure is inspired by audience suggestions and will leave you feeling joyful and connected!

Viva Los Improv:
a Vegas style improv comedy show

It’s comedy time, baby! Jazzy suits, cool Vegas style tunes and hilarious, award winning improv comedy. A fast paced Las Vegas themed improv show where anything can happen…and often does. But don’t worry, what happens at the show stays at the show!

Its classic Whose LIne is it Anyway style improv scenes mixed with a deliciously sinful blend of comedic serenades infused with playful charm.

You can bet on laughing yourself silly as these comedic crooners take audience suggestions and serve up side splitting comedy filled with ridiculous characters, wit and a dash of absurdity.

Viva Las Improv, where Canada’s best improv comedians get jazzed up to bring the laughs, Sin City style!

Middle Aged Men on The Block:
a boy band parody and comedy show

Your favourite fictional boy band is back to relive their glory days. Except now they don’t just sing and dance…they do improv comedy! It’s like The Backstreet Boys meets Whose Line is it Anyway.

Loaded with ridiculous songs and unforgettably bad dance moves, this aging boy band is back for one one last, side splitting farewell tour. You’ll laugh and fall in love with them through hysterical improv scenes, boy band style songs and the madcap misadventures of their 14th farewell tour.

And, not only do they make you laugh with their improv and made up songs based on audience suggestions, they also dance to all of your favourite boy band music from New Kids on The Block to One Direction to BTS.

Middle Age Men on The Block, come relive and poke fun at all of your boy band fantasies!